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Masters of Law Programs (LL.M.)

Today many lawyers around the world pursue advancement in their legal career by reinforcing their education with a Masters Degree or postgraduate law degree, otherwise known as an LL.M.  This program is available through many institutions worldwide, and although some schools in Europe also welcome foreign lawyers, the United States is by far the favored destination for those who intend to advance their legal career with this postgraduate degree. The U.S. has earned this favored status by establishing a wide variety of LL.M. concentrations and the fact that the United States is recognized as the most important economy in the world does not hurt the standing of its institutions of higher learning.

An LL.M. will enhance your legal career and can help you open doors to the top law firms in the world. But when choosing the LL.M. program that you will attend, you must look beyond reputation and prestige. You should evaluate the ability of each program to further your personal goals and determine how that school can contribute to your career after the completion of their LL.M. program.

Review our list of many of the best LL.M. programs in the United States together with some tips on what to expect from the schools and how you can best take advantage of the opportunities they provide. Some of our selections have been ranked by the American Universities Admissions Program; AUAP LL.M Rankings©*
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* Source: American Universities Admissions Program ; AUAP LL.M Rankings© As a service to the International Law community, AUAP establishes, since 1995,  the only LL.M rankings in the world,  with its consultants and selected International Law Firms and recruiters. This classification is based on the program quality, admissions rate, and world image of the university, average starting salary and satisfaction index of international students. This classification is global and does not reflect the comparative strength of each program in a specific field of Law. For more information on AUAP see