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There are over 45 million domain names registered1 in cyberspace and while some like and are seemingly permanent fixtures, thousands turnover or are newly registered every day. The vast majority of these will be registered through and hosted by a third-party web-hosting service. While basic services generally run about $10 a month, advanced hosting can cost considerably more, and when thousands of users sign $100+ annual contracts every day, it's easy to see why web-hosting accounts for a considerable portion of the over 1.2 billion ($ US) of revenue2 generated on the Internet each year.

As you might imagine, web-hosting services operate in an incredibly competitive space, and Upstart Raising is certainly not going to suggest that you open up a hosting shop, not even if you have the technical expertise and capital to take such a bold step. Instead, we're going to show you how you can earn a slice of this lucrative and growing market with a minimal cash investment.

To execute this strategy, you need your own online presence, so the first step is to setup your own website. Refer to our Establishing an Online Presence report for details.

Next you need to identify potential web-hosting partners from the hundreds of services advertised across the Internet. Luckily, Upstart Raising has done the dirty work here as well. We've narrowed the field to the top three web-hosting services based on quality of service and affiliate member incentives. We've even provided links to the appropriate sign-up pages allowing you to join these top quality affiliate programs effortlessly!

Perfect Presence Please browse to the Partner Programs >> Affiliates sign-up section... 
LunarPages This link takes you directly to the affiliates sign-up page...
iPowerWeb Please browse to the Affiliates sign-up section...

After you've joined our selected web-hosting affiliates by completing the forms linked above, check your provided email address for login credentials and links to web pages that will generate affiliate banners and forms catered to your site. Place these branded banners and forms advertising web-hosting service on pages within your website that are tailored for users seeking web-hosting service.

Now your site offers top-quality web-hosting services to all of your users, and every user who takes advantage of your advertised services generates income for you! The next step is to draw more users by increasing your traffic through advertising and catered content. Our Online Advertising report should set you on the right track.

Don't forget to sign-up for our monthly newsletter with power-packed tips and advice for making the most of your new income generating web pages!

1 Source: Netsearchers - June 2002
2 Source: NUA