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Online Payment Processing

After you've got a website setup, and you're ready to start selling products, you'll need a method of accepting payments from your potential customers. There's more than one way to skin a cat in the online payment processing game, and if you're a high volume retailer you're probably better off taking the traditional route by establishing your own merchant account and handling your own credit card and check transactions. But for most of us, the capital and time expenditure associated with such a move can hardly be justified.  That's where third-party processors come into play.  There are loads of names in this game, but we at Upstart Raising only want to spend the time integrating with the most popular and the most cost efficient.

With that in mind, we've narrowed the field to our two favorite: PayPal  and Kagi. We like PayPal because it already has a user base in the tens of millions (PayPal is owned by Ebay and used ubiquitously on the popular auction site We like Kagi, because its well suited for accepting transactions from any where in the world. As a bonus, neither of these processors charges any type of setup or registraion fee. Additionally, both are fully equipped to handle complex transactions with back-office communication between the processor and your own personalized transaction handling applications.


PayPal Large user base, no registration fees, advanced configuration support
Kagi Multiple currency and language support, no registration fees, advanced configuration support

After configuring your site for one or both of these payment processors, you'll have your doors open to millions of credit card and check book carrying web surfers!.

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